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What are moon trees?

Did you know that NASA and the USDA Forest Service partnered up over 50 years ago to send seeds to orbit the Moon on Apollo 14? Well, in December 2022, they did it again!

This time around, Artemis I carried seeds from five different tree species – loblolly pine, Douglas fir, American sycamore, coast redwood, and sweetgum.

After returning from a six-week mission orbiting the moon, the seeds will be germinated back here on Earth, and seedlings will be planted in various locations throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Did you know that many of the original Moon Trees from the 1971 Apollo 14 mission still stand today and are thriving? Some have even produced a second generation and may be planted closer to home than you think!

Check out the list of moon tree locations around the United States. During the month of April, join experts from the Forest Service and NASA for a four-part video series that looks into the splashdown of Orion, seed viability, germination, and more.

Tune in every Friday in April for Moon Trees LIVE 2

  • Episode 1 – Splashdown: Return to Earth (April 7)
  • Episode 2 – Viability: Testing Survival (April 14)
  • Episode 3 – Germination: To Sprout or Not to Sprout (April 21)
  • Episode 4 – Live Stream: Expert Q&A with the Audience (April 28)

Apply for your school or organization to be the future home of an Artemis I Moon Tree! The Forest Service and NASA will choose Moon Tree recipients through a competitive application process.

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