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Memorial Donations

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Memorial Donations

Donations can be made at any time to recognize someone who in important in your life or a special life events such as a birth, wedding or anniversary. Your donation will be used to fund our programs, facilities upkeep and operations or may be designated for a specific purpose. Complete the form below to make your memorial donation. Or, contact to learn more.

The Celebration Oak has grown through many lifetimes and is estimated to be about 200 years old. It is a symbol of endurance, beauty, renewal and life. Chimes can be purchased to hang in the Celebration Oak in honor a special event or person. Many cultures use chimes to celebrate a life well lived, birth or event creating a beautiful tradition that help you recall the person, event or occasion while making joyous sounds.It is a way to share with the world your memories and dreams through the music of the chimes.

Chimes can be purchased for hanging at Trout Lake Nature Center, your home or in another location. Costs are based on the size of the chime purchased. Contact the TLNC Office at 352-357-7536 or email

Note:  Wildlife observations have been made and these chimes do not affect the movement of wildlife at the Trout Lake Nature Center.

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