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The mosquitos are better

In December and January the mosquito population exploded at TLNC. Typically in Florida and at TLNC, summer is the big mosquito season. 2023 was a very dry summer and when the rains came in December, the mosquitos did too. Although mosquitos are an important part of the food chain and pollinators, our visitors, volunteers and staff were not willing to continue to feed these insects.

The Lake County Mosquito Control visited and worked with staff and volunteers to reduce the amount of mosquito larva in our standing water by placing mosquito fish or Gambusia to eat the larva and larvacide to reduce the hatching mosquitos and protect the environment. Limited spraying was done in the early hours of the morning (4 AM) so bees and butterflies and other beneficial insects wouldn't be impacted. 

Mosquito populations have been reduced and you can enjoy our woods and trails with little fear of being bitten. 

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