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TLNC Becomes More Accessible to Everyone

An older gentleman dressed in blue jean, camo shirt and ball cap is sitting in the blue EcoRover chair with joy stick in hand and tracks for wheels.

Do you know someone who would like to get out in the woods, see natural areas and maybe some wildlife but can’t due to physical limitations? TLNC has always believed that it is vital for everyone to be able to get outdoors and access nature no matter their abilities or challenges.

Years ago, TLNC purchased a golf cart to help people travel our trails. Unfortunately, this cart could not go down our boardwalk to Trout Lake and was dependent on staff or volunteers to drive the cart. We began to look for a better way to make our property more accessible to more people.

On June 4th, we took delivery of an EcoRover chair and are excited that physical limitations will no longer restrict anyone from being able to enjoy the outdoors and nature. We are proud to be one of the first nature center’s in Florida to offer the use of this chair.

This battery powered, all-terrain track chair is a good solution for our accessibility problem. If you have a bad hip or knee, COPD, traumatic brain injury, neurological problem, or for some us just old age where we can’t walk that far, this chair will help you visit our trails and see Trout Lake. Importantly, these special chairs are ecologically friendly and use no fossil fuels. The aluminum frame and Comfort Tech Tracks provide a smooth ride while creating less ground disruption protecting our habitat. EcoRover makes the impossible possible!

First time use requires a reservation for a short training in how to use the chair. Then, use is on a first come, first serve basis or by reservation made by calling 352-357-7536. This chair is available at other outdoor locations in the area which are listed on the website. Funding to purchase this chair was provided by the Larry L. and Michelle M. Charitable Trust

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